Zener Diode

What is Zener Diode?

zener diode

what is zener diode?


The emblematic portrayal of a zener diode is appeared in the accompanying figure.

The accompanying figure shows a circuit that can be utilized to draw the forward quality of a zener diode.

The forward charcteristic will be indistinguishable from that of a typical reason diode. for drawing the converse trademark we have switch the associations with the voltage source.


Starting from zero worth the converse voltage utilized to the diode is expanded in advances. At each progression the voltage and current are estimated. A chart is drawn representing the current and voltage. The current got will be as demonstrated in the figure given underneath.

The opposite current present between the cause and the knee of the bend is the teverse spillage current due to the minority transporters. The current I demonstrated by expressing its incentive at 80% of the Zener voltage Vz. The voltage across the terminals of the diode for a current Iz, whice is the close to midpoint of the direct scope of the opposite trademark, is known as the Zener voltage Vz. While the opposite voltage is consistently increment the torrential slide happens at the knee. The current increment rapidly. for controlling this current a proper outer opposition must be utilized. the greatest admissible estimation of the current is meant by Izmax. The most un-usable current is Izmin.

At lower levels of Vz the Zener breakdown instrument essentially adds to the opposite current. Anyway the torrential slide impact is likewise present. Regardless of this reality the sharp change in trademark at any level is known as the Zener locale. Diodes applying this extraordinary component are called Zener diodes. The greatest converse voltage that can be utilized preceding entering the zener locale is known as the pinnacle backwards voltage (PIV). It is additionally alluded to as pinnacle invert voltage (PRV).

Zener Voltage Regulator

The great utilization of a zener diode is in a voltage controller. The reason for utilizing a voltage controller is for keeping a consistent burden voltage over a scope of fluctuating burden flows and fluctuating source voltages. The accompanying figure portrays a voltage controller circuit utilizing a zener diode.

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