What is Resistor?


A Resistor is a two terminal electrical or electronic part that opposes an electric flow by delivering a volatage drop between its teminals as per Ohm’s law. Resistor come in deffrent shapes and size, yet the most well-known sort is a chamber with wires at the closures.

Capacitor store energy in electrical fields and inductors store energy in attractive fiels. Capaciot obstructs the progression of ac charge conveys by incidentally putting away the enegy as an electric field. This energy is ginen back later, similarly all things considered in an inductance. Capacitance isn’t by and large significant in unadulterated DC circuits. It can have siginificance in circuits where DC is throbbing and not consistent. Capacitance, similar to inductance, can show up when it isn’t needed or planned. As witnh inductance, this impact will in general turn out to be more clear as the air conditioner recurrence increment .

Self acceptance is an activity of actuating counter EMF into a conductor when there is a difference in current in the conductor. In the event that any DC circuit the consistent state is attaind in a fracttion of a second after the force is applied yet the current doesn’t arrive at the consistent state promptly due to certain characters in the circuit and the time.

Resistor Images

Resistor Images

What is Resistor?


A Resistor is an electornic segment that lessens the progression of current. A resistor can be utilized to set an opeating current for an electornic segment, for example, a coordinated circuit, to keep the segment from consuming because of abundance current going through it. Most resistor have their worth shown in shading code on their surface Opposition is mesured in Ohms (Ω). The force rating of a resistor must be derermined to know whether it is apower resistor for use in the high current application or little sign application. Resistors are appraised by their most extreme force dissemination, surpassing the evaluated force may adjust the vaule of the resistor or the resistor could get harmed totally. some force resistors are not tone coded there esteem is written in numbers on top of them. The Ohm is the image of electrical resistence ( ) . 1 Ohms is equivalent to one volt/ampere. Resistors are manufactued over a huge scope of qualities from 1m ohms to 1kohms to 1mohms. estimation of most fixed resistors are shown by shading code, each tone has its worth.

Resistor Symbol :-

Colour code

Digital and Multiplier

Band Colour Digits Multiplier
Black 0 x1
Brown 1 x10
Red 2 x100
Orange 3 x1k
Yellow 4 x10k
Green 5 x100k
Blue 6 1M
Purple 7 x10M
Grey 8 x100M


Band colour Tolerance
Silver +-10%
Gold +-5%
Brown +-1%
Red +-2%
Green +-0.5%
Blue 0.25%
Purple +-0.1%

Essential Electrical Estimations

The Measure opposition, Voltage and Current in different gadgets ohmmeter, Voltmeter and an ammeter is utilized, individually.


This is utilized to quantify current stream likewise alluded to as ampre meter. it has a calinrated scale in amperes, Milliamperes or microamperes and two terminals one connnected to the circuit. The ammeter measurers flow in an electrical circuit by having the flow stream throug the meter. Current is estimated by putting an ammeter in arrangement with the circuit.

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