Solar Battery Charger

Sunlight based idea isn’t new for us. As non-environmentally friendly power sources are diminishing, utilization of sunlight based energy is expanded. This sunlight based energy isn’t just utilized on the Earth yet in addition utilized in space stations where no electrical force is accessible.

Here is the basic circuit to charge 12V, 1.3Ah battery-powered Lead-corrosive battery from the sunlight based board. This sun based charger has current and voltage guideline and furthermore has over voltage cut off offices. This circuit may likewise be utilized to charge any battery at steady voltage since yield voltage is customizable.

Particulars of the Charging Circuit

Solar Power rating – 5W/17V
Output Voltage – Variable (5V – 14V).
Maximum Output current – 0.29 Amps.
Drop out voltage-2-2.75V.
Voltage Re

gulation : +/ – 100mV

Solar Battery Charger circuit diagram

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Sunlight based battery charger worked on the rule that the charge control circuit will deliver the consistent voltage. The charging current passes to LM317 voltage controller through the diode D1. The yield voltage and current are controlled by changing the change pin of LM317 voltage controller. Battery is charged utilizing a similar current.

List of Circuit Components

Solar panel – 17V
LM317 voltage regulator
DC battery
Diode – 1n4007
Capacitor – 0.1uF
Schottky diode – 3A, 50V
Resistors – 220, 680 ohms
Pot – 2K
Connecting wires

Solar power Battery Charger Circuit Design

Circuit should have flexible voltage controller , so Variable voltage controller LM317 is chosen. Here LM317 can deliver a voltage from 1.25 to 37 volts greatest and most extreme current of 1.5 Amps.

Customizable Voltage controller has regular voltage drop of 2 V-2.5V .So Solar board is chosen with the end goal that it has more voltage than the heap. Here I am choosing 17v/5w sun based board.

Lead corrosive battery which is utilized here has determination of 12v/1.3Ah. To charge this battery following are required.

Schottky diode is utilized to shield the LM317 and board from switch voltage created by the battery when it isn’t charging. Any 3 A diode can be utilized here.

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