Remote Control Light Circuit

In this venture, how about we fabricate a basic Remote controlled switch for machine controlling. On the off chance that you know essential ideas of hardware, this circuit is really simple to fabricate and test. The center of this circuit are two IC’s – which are infra red sensor IC’s – TSOP 1738. Several semiconductors and related parts total the circuit – which is moderate for any specialist/understudy.



Here is a flexible distant controlled switch that can ON or OFF any machine associated with it utilizing a TV far off.


IR distant sensor IC TSOP 1738 is utilized for accepting the sign. Typically when no sign is falling on IC3 its yield will be high. This makes Q1 OFF.When a sign of 38 KHz from the TV distant falls on the IC3 its yield goes low.This makes Q1 direct and a negative heartbeat is acquired at pin 2 of IC 1 NE 555. Because of this IC1 wired as a monostable multivibrator produces a 4 Sec long high sign at its out put.This high out put is the clock for IC 2 which is wired as a Flipflop and of , its two yields pin 3


goes low and pin 2 goes high. The high yield at pin 2 is enhanced to drive the hand-off. For the following sign the yields of IC2 flips state. Result, we get a transfer flipping on each push on the far off. Any apparatus associated with this circuit can be turned ON or OFF.

Remote Control Light Circuit Diagram 

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Remote Control Light Circuit

List of Component :

R1 –  620Ohm

R2  –  4.7K

R3  –  10K

R4  –  270K

R5  –  1.2K

R6  –  1.2K

R7  –  1.2K

R8  –  560 Ohm

R9  –  10 Ohm

C1  –  10uF

C2  –  10uF

C3  –  22uF

C4  –  0.01uF

C5  –  100uF

D1  –  LED

D2  –  LED

D3  –  5.1V

D4  –  IN4007

Q1  –  BC158

Q2  –  SL100

K1  –  6V Relay

IC1  –  NE555

IC2  –  CD4017

IC3  –  TSOP1738


  • Prior to wiring the circuit ensure that the transporter recurrence of the TV far off you have is 38 kHz.For that wire the sensor part just ,guide your distant toward the TSOP1738 and press any switch.If out put of TSOP1738 goes low then OK, your far off is of 38Khz type.Nothing to stress practically all TV far off are of this kind.
  • You can utilize any switch of the distant in light of the fact that for any switch the code just changes, the transporter recurrence remains same.We need this transporter recurrence as it were.
  • Amass the circuit on a decent quality PCB or regular board.
  • The machine can be associated through NO or NC and C contacts of the hand-off .
  • Utilize a managed 6V force supply for the circuit.

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