Digital stop watch

A Digital stopwatch is an evergreen venture, it tends to be done whenever regardless of how our high level our reality’s innovation is on the grounds that nothing else can supplant a stopwatch. And furthermore this is a reasonable pastime project for novices. This is a straightforward project which doesn’t need a lot of aptitude or segments. The rundown of parts for this venture incorporate;


Description :

An advanced stopwatch worked around clock IC LM555 and 4-digit counter IC MM74C926 with a multiplexed 7-portion LED show. MM74C926 comprises of a 4-digit counter, an interior yield hook, npn yield sourcing drivers for basic cathode, 7-portion show and an inside multiplexing hardware with four multiplexing yields. The counter advances on the negative edge of the clock. The clock is created by clock IC LM555. The circuit works off a 5V force supply. It very well may be effortlessly amassed on a broadly useful PCB. Encase the circuit in a metal box with arrangements for four 7-portion shows, revolving switch S1, start/stop switch S2 and reset switch S3

Digital timer circuit diagram :

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Digital stop watch

  1. IC LM555 – 1 nos
  2. IC MM74C926 – 1 nos
  3. Resistors of various resistance values – 19 nos
  4. Reset switch – 1 nos
  5. Diodes – 6 nos
  6. 4 digit display
  7. Start-stop button
  8. Capacitors  – 2 nos

Testing :


To begin with, reset the circuit by squeezing S3 so the presentation shows ‘0000.’ Now open change S2 for the stopwatch to begin tallying the time. On the off chance that you need to stop the clock, close S2. Rotating switch S1 is utilized to choose the distinctive time spans at the yield of the a stable multivibrator (IC1).


Subsequent to completing this circuit, you can have a go at building a long length clock circuit (a great circuit to construct). You may check our classification of timekeepers and clock circuits to attempt more circuits identified with timing.


As I expressed over, an advanced stopwatch is a pleasant circuit to assemble. All things considered, a stopwatch is something we have been interested by in our young days. Possibly the recent college grads will not see, however in the event that you are somebody from the center of the 1970’s or 1980’s, you will comprehend what I am saying. Appreciate building this circuit and have some good times.

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